M3W Comfort Steering Kit Upgrade

  This first generation of the Morgan 3-Wheelers (2012-2013 pretty much the first 1000 cars) have an issue know as “Bumpsteer”.  The tie rod attaches to the steering arm at a downward angle, which causes the steering wheel to jolt whenever you hit a bump.  Because of this, if you drive on roads that are not smooth, you need to hold the wheel tightly with both hands and be ready to correct the Bumpsteer.  When… Read more

Homemade Carbonated Water

Homemade Carbonated Water Seltzer / Sparkling Water / Homemade Soda Pop Save money, and the environment, by making your own carbonated water at home. After the initial investment (less than the cost of a Soda Stream), you can make your own carbonated beverages for less than $0.05 (5 cents) a bottle.     Do-it-yourself Home Carbonator   Parts (You can get these all from Amazon and/or various local and on-line brewing supply places ): Aluminum… Read more

Big Wheel Adventure with a Very Special Surprise Ending

This Big Wheel Adventure with a huge surprise ending played out during he Beginning of the Season Bash (BOSB) weekend at Deals Gap (The Dragon) April 2009. The BOSB is held each year at The Dragon and is sponsored by the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort and the East TN Riders. It is a big party and the evening is concluded by the infamous Big Wheel races. The BW race is held late at night in… Read more

MINI Takes the States 2010

MINI Takes the States 2010 Denver and back again: A MINI Journey 11 days, 10 states, 9 hotels, 3351 miles MINI Takes the States is a National MINI Cooper event that occurs every two years.  100s MINIs from all across the country participate.  The nature of the event differs each time and this year MINIs from all over converged on Denver as their eventual final destination place. Part of the adventure/event was traveling there along… Read more

National Falcon Convention / 1st Place!

Last summer I purchased a 1962 Ford Falcon Station wagon.  I bought it to use as a second car I could haul stuff in (you can’t always fit everything you need to in a MINI) as well as to take to local car show for fun.  I have toally fallen in love with this car we have named “Bessie”.  She is named after Paul’s grandmother who had a Falcon wagon when Paul was a child…. Read more